If you are in need of urgent support please speak to your GP or contact Samaritans on 116 123 they are open 24/7 and calls are FREE

Peer support, alongside professional treatment, can be incredibly helpful during recovery, it provides somewhere you can talk about your feelings with others who understand and gain friendship and support. Its important that the group you attend is run by someone who is trained and fully recovered.

Our volunteers are DBS checked, have had essential safeguarding training and some have had further training such as mental health first aid.  

While we are not clinically trained to provide things such as CBT we have connections with the local perinatal emotional wellbeing service (PEWS) and NHS service Therapy For You who can.

Our main peer support group is a laid back drop in session run every other Monday, 9:30am-11am at Little Lions Children Centre on Canvey Island, Essex. Mums can come and go as they please, theres no pressure to speak or stay for the entire session. We usually have a topic we discuss, such as anxiety or stress and how these affect us, and we share any tips or self help techniques which may help. However the session is very laid back and we can chat about whatever mums wish to discuss. We have a health visitor in the room next door running baby weigh clinic so you can have your baby weighed and speak to her about any questions you may have. There is no need to book, you can just turn up and everyone is always very warm and welcoming.


If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us 

Peer Support

Online Peer Support

Sometimes mums don't feel ready to go out to a group, and online peer support can be helpful. Again, its important this is run safely. We run an online peer support group via Facebook and it's open to any parent in Essex who is struggling and needs some advice or support. for more details about this group or to join please see our Facebook page.

PND and Me run an online peer support chat on Twitter using hashtag #pndchat and she also runs a weekly chat on a Wednesday evening between 8pm - 9pm using hashtag #pndhour - These are not monitored 24/7 however you will find support from other mums who have experienced similar. Its a unique, safe and supportive community and a way of reaching out to others if you aren't ready to attend an actual group yet.