Peer Support Groups and Children Centres

These are another useful way to access help. Its important that you access a peer support group with trained volunteers who can sign post you to the local services that can offer professional treatments. Children centres will usually have connections to the health visitors and be able to offer you extra support. Never be afraid to speak about how you are feeling as they will want to help and have the resources to do this.

​The PND and Me website had an excellent list of support groups, with trained leaders, around the UK have a look to see if there is one near you.

Therapy For You

This is a free NHS service available to the people of Essex. They provide talking therapies and self help with a variety of mental health illnesses. You can self refer via their website or you can ask your midwife, health visitor or GP for more information. Be sure to tell them that you are experiencing your symptoms postnatally so they can refer you to the best suited therapy.

In Essex

MIND & Samaritans

These charities can offer you support, and if you are in need of urgent care or someone to talk to then their phone lines can help you. Calls to Samaritans are now FREE and 24/7 


Speak to your midwife, health visitor or GP 

Speaking to your health care provider is important in accessing the support available in your area. They may be able to refer you for counselling or other talking therapies with your local GP surgery. They may also be able to arrange listening visits with your health visitor or family support workers. These are all useful in aiding your recovery. 

Perinatal Emotional Wellbeing Team (PEWS) 

This specialist team serve South East Essex only and can help you during pregnancy as well as postnatally up until your baby is 1 year old. Speak to your midwife or health visitor to see if you are eligible, you can also visit their website for more information. 

How To Access Help