Our mission is to provide peer support to mums experiencing perinatal mental illnesses and help those suffering access the help and care they deserve.

Our peer support group provides a safe environment for mums to meet, chat, gain advice and friendship. The groups are located within Little Lions children centre on Canvey Island where mums will have access to health visitors if they wish. We can also provide links to the local midwives, as well as the perinatal mental health team.

We launched on October 5th 2015 and run every other week. The laid back drop in group aims to provide a safe, non judgmental environment where mums can come and talk with others about their experience. We usually have a theme each week to discuss and some weeks try to give guidance to mums including self help techniques and advice as to where they can access further professional help.

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Our Groups are held in a lovely large room with lots of toys for children of various ages. Children and babies can play safely while mums enjoy a cup of tea and a chat.

In the room next door we have a health visitor running a baby weigh clinic so you can pop over and ask her any questions you may have. 

Sarah is a mum of three. She developed postnatal depression, severe anxiety and panic attacks after the birth of her first child and again with subsequent pregnancies. After speaking with local healthcare professionals she began her recovery with the support of NHS therapy and the local Perinatal Mental Health Team.

Once she was recovered she wanted to support others who may be struggling, as well as highlight and p make changes needed to perinatal mental health in Essex. She began blogging about her experience to help erase stigma, show those struggling they aren't alone and that recovery is possible.

In March 2015 she started Lotus Petal Family Support - initially online awareness, and in October 2015 she launched peer support groups on Canvey Island, Essex, run in collaboration with Caste Point Children Centres. In spring 2016 she began working with Laura to set up a charity to help those in Essex affected by perinatal mental illness.

About Us

Laura is a mum of one, living in Shoeburyness. She experienced severe Postnatal depression and Anxiety when her son was born in Apirl 2013. She recovered through a combination of mediction, support from the perinatal mental health team, NHS & private therapy and online peer support.

In spring 2015 she began blogging about her experience and recovery to try and help other parents who are suffering. This year she began working with Sarah to improve mental health services in Essex and get sufferers' voices heard.

Laura Clark

Every Mum deserves to be heard, and every mum deserves to be happy.